Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. Piggy

Last week my Mom bought me a piggy bank. It was a cylindrical box, splattered with "Dora the Explorer" photos, and costs 15Php at a retail store that my mom passed by while walking in the city. I know, it's not even a "piggy" bank, but it was enough to serve its purpose.

See, I am a horrible spender. I have trouble keeping money. And at 19, this problem is haunting me. They  say that littlest things matter-so if I'm not able to control myself from spending all of my weekly allowance, how will I be able to save my monthly salary in the long run? I can't even keep track of all my expenses. Sometimes, I don't even know where most of my money went.

And so last week, I can't help but feel utmost gratitude to my Mom for the "piggy" bank. I haven't told her about this problem, but I guess that's how Moms are-all-knowing and stuff. Now, I make it a habit to drop a few pesos in the bank every day. It's a long process, because sometimes there aren't even coins in my wallet. But the littlest things do matter. And I intend to continually save.

And if this won't work, I hope my Mom will pay for the therapist-if they do have therapies for this sort of mental derangement.




  1. i also had plans of buying a piggy bank but i end up procrastinating. haha.

    i am not meant to be a thrifty person, perhaps. ♥

  2. honey, youre just fine. try opening up a savings account like i did and find the one where you can get the most interest with. just direct-debit any money coming in from work/school or at least put ten percent of whatever money you get to it.

  3. I think I'm gonna go with banking ten percent of my allowance. I receive my money by hand, so there's not really an opportunity to direct it to the bank.