Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Gas of Envy

I guess you can never really equate how much of an insecure little brat I am. Envy, rotten to the bones, is a dangerous disease and one infection invites a multitude of other infections. How do you cure something so deep? It's like as if I have cancer and even chemotherapy or some random vegan juice won't help.

And this is all I am. A skeleton of envy. Purple withe rage. And trying so hard to be un-suicidal.


  1. oh. enviousness. i have that too. but i know that it's bad. we just have to always pray to God that He keeps us away from this green gas of envy.


    1. I know. I trust God more than ever now. And I know that someday, somehow, I'll get over this personal struggle.

  2. i wonder what cloaks the skeleton of envy...

    or does he stands naked, perhaps? bare to the elements?