Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bitter Pills

This is not an apology, because I am, first and foremost an unapologetic person, but rather, this is an accounting of what had happened moments ago so as to explain the sudden outburst of unnecessary emotions. 

I believe you should never had played that prank. I enjoy mockery but at the same time I loathe it. It is the very air that I breath in laughing moments and it is the very air that I scorn in trying times. 

I was a bottle. But you should never have opened the bottle when you're not ready to know what is inside it. Because once the lid is up, there's no other remorse but to pour everything out. 

I walked out not because I was dramatic, and I do hate those movie-like exits, but because I don't want to be more angry. You of all people must understand that.