Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lies Are Beautiful

And truths are ugly. They make you wake up from blissful daydreams. Yet they are the most important. And the most essential for sanity's sake.

Sometimes we swallow truths though deep inside, we'd rather vomit them.

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  1. @Orange Pulps: Glad you agreed :) I was nervous someone would not like my opinion.

    @pointlessparanoia: Well, you know what they say..Honesty is the best policy. :D

  2. The best part about blogging is.. you can keep barfing and as long as it's honest, people will love you for it. :\

  3. truth is ugly only when we deny it.
    acceptance is way underrated.

  4. @citybuoy: True. And though I never actually did liked barfing in public, this enabled me to have the courage to do so.

    @whataboutthatgirl: Point taken :D And I guess I'm way to dramatic.