Sunday, January 15, 2012

Almost Dead But Not Quite

And so the curse of the bitten tongue* is lifted and the boy's literary nerves are jittering with excitement as another blog entry is to be created. 

These past few days, the boy has spent most of his time vomiting. Not because he's pregnant-dear no. But because he had amoeba infection and his tummy just can't help but let out everything inside it. He also had LBM. And he almost got dehydrated, and if he wasn't admitted to the hospital, he would've died a liquid-less death. And he didn't liked it if he was parched. 

The following day, he was discharged. And currently he's feeling better even if sometimes he feels like vomiting again.

In other death news, I am currently stressed-as always. Wish I have the time to finish sewing the costumes for our Humanities play. Again, I think this is a bad idea but I've already blurted out my thoughts on this one*, so No Comment!

Accounting is also killing me. The pressure of not passing, and sometimes barely passing most of our exams made me rethink much about my future with this profession. 

With a gazillion things killing me, it seems like this is the only one that's not. 

Much l♥ve,


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