Monday, December 5, 2011

N's Dog Bit Me

That Saturday afternoon, N's dog bit me. It was painful and I'm especially concerned that my flawless legs would now be imperfect because of four red dots just above the back of my knee. And rabies. Yeah, that one too.

It was striking, really, how one thinks of death and his last days on this planet. Of broken dreams and ambitions never to be fulfilled. Of love lost. Of love, never to be found. Of life, short and fragile, like the cookies I like to crumble on top my favorite cup of coffee. And of how I'll miss my mom and that cup of coffee. Of how little in life I've achieved.

It came to a point that I questioned myself if I had lead a good Christian life and how I'll end up in the next  world. It was painful, and the brick wall I arranged around me collapsed then and there. I realized that life is short and painful. One moment you may wonder about that Advanced Accounting exam and the next moment, you may be sitting on your couch, the same one that morning and contemplate at how different everything is and regret the many regrets you've had-like not leaving the house.

I wouldn't have forgiven N if he wouldn't kiss me-and pay my medical bills and stuff. Too bad the dog is vaccinated. Tsk. That would've been the chance.


  1. ahaha, i feel bad about laughing after reading this but i love how you wrote it. Dang, that would've been the chance for that kiss to happen. :)

  2. And just how every fairytale ends, "and they live happily ever after..." Joke. One thing leads to another; the dog bite then the kiss. haha.

  3. @yoshke: Hehe. That was intended to make people luagh. I guess it did work ;)

    @Justin: Fingers-crossed for that kiss to happen :P

  4. I love how you write. Absolutely brilliant. Following you now based on this blog post alone.

  5. take advantage talaga? haha i love it!

  6. @wonderwoman: gee, thanks so much XD

    @citybuoy: "Sayangin mo na ang isang taon, wag lang ang isang pagkakataon" LOL I think that qoute said it all. :P