Monday, December 5, 2011


Four days ago I celebrated my first year in the blogosphere. It seems that it was only yesterday when I first ogled with envy at Citybuoy's fat stock of followers and literary achievements. I most especially admired the red template (not that I hate your present template Nyl) and the way he weaves words which ultimately encouraged me to start again, and create another blog.

My previous, Mr. Armadillo's Paperthoughts and Pencilmarks, was unfortunately unable to host my many interests. It became a journal, confined to the precepts of it's own title. That's why I created this blog with the title "iamrei" because the many interests and mind blabberings that I have are a culmination my own distinct personality.

Thank you so much to Key for being the very first to comment and to Citybuoy, who ironically, was the first follower. To my 36 lovely followers, thank you so much for adding smiles on my face. You can't really imagine how excited I get when your number increases.To everyone who has commented and read my entries, thank you for being part of this awesome adventure.

I had a great first year, I hope my next years will be better.

Much l♥ve,