Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take Me Away

Take me there/
to the place where angels grow their wings
and weaved the blanket of God on the
hays of the manger//
Take me there/
where Shakespeare once were
and juiced his pen on the fountains of inspiration//
Take me there/
where the flowers first learned to blossom
and the grasses have yet filled the meadows//
Take me there/
and nurture me//
But let me fly like the dandelions 
when my seeds are ripe of sowing.
The harvest is mine.//

. . . . . . . .

I want to be a child again.
The mind is less clouded with the dark mists of adulthood.


  1. I understand wanting to revert to simpler times. I'm just wondering it it's a little too early to be feeling that way. :p

  2. But let me fly like the dandelions

    How I wish to get back to being a child, too, now that I'm strained in the review and pressure is sky-high. I long for the simplicity of living carefree.

  3. we sometimes wish to return in time where everything is so simple.

    Life is just so so different way back then. :/

  4. @citybuoy: I don't think wanting to have a simple life is a matter of age. Hehe. Wrote that in the midst of being pressured on an exam.

    @Josh: I will experience the things that you are experiencing soon and I don't really know if I can take life living with that much pressure. >.< But i wish you well. Good luck on the exam and congratulations :)

    @ako070707: True. Life is definitely easier and comfier back then :)