Thursday, November 24, 2011

Models and Zombie Faces

Had five hours of sleep. It's becoming a trend now. With so much more Accounting to keep up with and more school work to do, there's no other alternative for me but to cheat on my sleep and extend my day to 36 hours.

As always, I felt like a working supermodel on the pages of Vogue with less height and more pimples. I woke up feeling my eyebags getting baggier, shoulders weary of yesterday's labor, and myself looking more and more like a drunk zombie on Saturday nights at Fat Cat. 

Fcuk. I'll never get a boyfriend at this rate. 


  1. Too early to say that. Cut yourself some slack. Potential boyfriend is everywhere.

  2. @Sa5m - potential boyfriend is everywhere if you're a whore.

    this may be random but the reason why i got myself into photography is because i like how LV's models look dead. subtle necrophiliac tendencies? possible. dont judge me.

    and hey, you're still young. we all go through that. dont worry. be happy

  3. "Welcome to the real world," she said to me condescendingly. :/

  4. @Sa5m: I think I should. I plan to have my Saturdays free of work and school stuff. I need that day to just lounge on my bed and sew doll dresses to my heart's content.

    @Herbs D: Haha. I partly agree and partly disagree with you on the whore thing going on there. And yes, totally random, but really really interesting comment. Hope your career in photography will be successful :0

    @citybuoy: aaahw. :/ hate the real world sometimes. I think I have developed escapism over the years.