Thursday, November 17, 2011

Icing on Top

That Tuesday began with the boy baking bitterness the entire morning. He was generally concerned with what to expect and how to act. It was his birthday and everybody knows that one cannot act normally on special days like these.

With these thoughts properly tucked in his mind, he went to school that day knowing that friends here and there would inevitably greet him a Happy Birthday. He entered his first class but was disappointed when no one, not even his closest friends, remembered his birthday. Religion was gloomy to him that day. And he doesn't even like that subject.

After class, he ran some errands and went back to school feeling down the drain. He felt unimportant and the boy doesn't like that feeling. He was too shy to let his friends know that it was his birthday and that they forgot because he didn't want them to feel that he was making himself too important. Self-pity clouded him and he distracted himself in order to prevent himself from crying.

Come lunchtime when the boy detected weirdness. Something was brewing behind the mist of smiles and un-birthday conversations. He was lead to the school publication's office and it was then that he realized that his friends spent the entire morning getting ready for a  surprise party for him. Nineteen chocolate cupcakes were prepared for him and the boy could only marvel at the thickness of the fluffy icing and the effort his friends did for him. He was elated. He was smiling. He was laughing. His eyes gleamed with joy.

And he was happy. Very happy. It was also his first time to have one whole cupcake splattered on his face.

. . . . . . . .

For Xela, Mayvelin, Reggie, Gee, Maria, Sidney, and Nikko who have been the bestest friends a person could ever have. :)