Monday, November 21, 2011

I Bid the Dandelions Farewell

Things are not working out between us. You think I'm boring and when I crack a joke, you only laugh at my inability to deliver it. You question my interests and often wonder why I spend time blogging or ogling newspapers or being all fashion-ey. When I talk, you won't even listen and I'm puzzled why you couldn't hear me on our conversations when you often complain about me being noisy in class.You even think that it's wrong for me to be gay and that I should hurry up and fix myself otherwise there will be consequences.

What you don't understand is that nobody chooses to be gay. Who in the right mind would want to begin life questioning their identities and live everyday past the bullying and name-callings? Who would want to sacrifice their only chance of finding that one true love over someone of the same sex who's utterly impossible to even talk with?

I can live life not worrying about what other people say. But I cannot continue living knowing that you cannot accept me for what I am.I can change for the better, but I just cannot be that person you're idealizing me to be. This is me. And if you can't deal with it, then...

this is not friendship. This is simply solving multi-colored puzzle pieces from different boxes.

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