Sunday, November 6, 2011

How do you Chase Balloons?

I am struggling to write a post. The literary soul is departing my body. I miss the times when I can furiously scribble valiant verses without pause and sleep late at night thinking of a fitting title.

How do you continue to write anyway? How does Citybuoy and Evan and Jerron continually supply themselves with stories to tell? How do you breath literature to such commonplace circumstances?

My head is a giant question mark. Maybe my experiences are far behind compared to these writing giants. I don't want to lose hope that I can't be a good writer. Maybe I haven't been writing much.

I am a child fascinated by a giant red balloon floating through the horizon. I want to catch that balloon, but please tell me how. 


  1. Hey! There are times when I have nothing. I actually have been struggling for a few months. I started drawing and coloring recently. That helps. It's like thinking in a different way. Do you have other creative outlets?

  2. Rei, pati dito speechless ka?

    For me, what helps is to identify why you can't write. Is it pressure? Is it fear? Is it a combination of both?

    If that doesn't work then take the damn balloon, sit yourself down on a comfortable chair and start scribbling anything down. Think of really old pipes and tubes. When you first turn the faucet on, hindi naman malinis agad ang lumalabas na tubig, diba? haha

    Da balon is red. It's beeg. It's nice. hehe

  3. For someone suffering the block, you were able to produce something extraordinary. :)

  4. @ejzg: I do. I actually sew dresses for my dolls and I also do fashion illustrations. Hehe.

    @citybuoy: Hehe. Then I guess I'll spend the next few days contemplating. :) Thanks for the advice Nyl!

    @Mugen: Ahw shucks. Thank you :)