Sunday, October 16, 2011

Packing my Baggage

I watched his placid expression unnoticing me as he boarded the jeep. It's been days since we last saw each other and I could hear my heart flutter once again to that lullaby whenever he's around.

The song is pain that injects tiny needles on my chest. The song is a haunting melody that makes me want to shake the superificial pixiedust off.

I closed a lid and looked the opposite direction.

Sometimes I like men unseen.


  1. This is very sad. :( But most of the time, acceptance is the solution to all pain.

  2. I've come to accept that what we had, if I can call it that, will never have an ending. It's always a comma. And I believe it'll stay like that forever.

  3. Why do I think there's a dead man in the luggage?

  4. I want to bury him in oblivion. Sometimes emotions get too strangled up that it's either i disappear, or he disappears.