Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Not a Kitchen Goddess

And so my uncle left me with the ginormous task of frying the fish that unfortunate Wednesday evening and I couldn't help but tremble at the inevitable failure that's about to happen.

You see, I'm practically useless in the kitchen. The only thing I'm good at is boiling water and in fact I'm so good at it I call myself a virtuoso. For those who don't know how it's done, it's simple really. You just plug in the wire and press the red button at the back of the water dispenser and then wait 'til the red light shifts to green.

Martha-esque character aside, I think it's rather sad that I wouldn't be able to cook lamb chops or some exotic Italian pasta to that one special guy. I do have thoughts of serving him dinner on our first ever anniversary, but I guess that's why fastfood chains are popular. Now if only pizza at Bianni's was 99% cheaper.

Anyway, back to the fish, it turned out to be medium rare on one side and charred on the other. Good thing there was a birthday party otherwise we'd be eating unpalatable seafood.


. . . . . . . . . 

Happy Halloween guys! :)


  1. you can always buy precooked food and claim it as your own.haha :)

  2. Haha. Tomo. I can always do that. XD

  3. Yeah, precooked food rocks. Haha although I can't complain. I love experimenting in the kitchen *wink*

  4. True. I wish there were more of it on this planet. Haha.