Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chasing Pavements

I'm gonna take a break. My mother, because of my aching neck, encouraged me to do so. She told me that if I love myself, If I pity myself, I should definitely stay away from the computer. And I do love myself and I pity my body for not being able to take up the stress I have in school and the radiation these computers have. 

And so I must. Because if I die, then I wouldn't be able to blog anymore. And I do love this blog. I do love the friends that I have made. And I love the stories I read. And the things that I learn. And the experience. And the fact that I can express myself. 

And so, to be able to continue this venture, I will limit myself. A day a week. An hour. A few minutes. Anything to make myself better and to make my mom happy. I hate seeing her sad. I hate it when she's worried. 

Moderation. Anything in excess is bad. 

And so, until I my body, particularly my neck, can take it, I bid you adieu.

And about the title, I just happen to fall in love with Adele. Please listen to her song in this link.


  1. Everybody needs to 'break' sometimes. Get well soon. ^___^

  2. I so love Adele, too. I have at least 10 remixes of her Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain. Azteegh.

  3. ingat po kayo :) dapat talaga alagaan lagi ang body...


  4. Yeah, take a break. Have a Kitkat. On a serious note, if anything harms us, we must stay away from it.

  5. thanks for the comment guys :) I really appreciate it. God bless you! XD

  6. Maybe it's just where you put your computer and stuff. haha ergonomics and all that foshizzle. :)

  7. @ citybuoy: You make it sound so complicated. Haha. Thanks NYL :)