Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who would you be if you could be anyone?

I was leafing (if you can call it that) through blog pages this morning when I stumbled upon She Write's If I Could Be Anyone post. This got me thinking about my answer to the very same query that could possibly be the next or may have been a basis for selecting the most beautiful girl in the universe. 

And so my dear readers, though I wanted to answer this question in my most poised form, I am unfortunate enough to be confined only to the medium of typing my response since the technology of "video-ing" is still heavy on my pockets. 

Those things aside, here is my answer:

Thank you for the wonderful question Ma'am (or Sir, if the gender is otherwise). If I were to become another person, I'd be anyone who has the capacity to influence other people. I want to be a herald of change-change for the better, and I want to infect as many people as possible. I want to become someone who has good Christian values and I want to have the capacity to preach God's goodness and God's gift of salvation. That someone doesn't have to be specific as long as the requisites are satisfied. Thank you and good evening (flash most endearing smile).

True. True. I guess I'll never win a beauty contest. Hehe.  


  1. been here ;) hope you can follow my blog too ...
    --thank you

    btw, I checked the link and read "She Writes'" got me thinking, too...

    good thing I found this blog :)

  2. Followed you back :) Thanks for following.

  3. Astig. May ganon! Haha. Napaka-creative talaga mag-isip. And tama nga naman.

    I've watched 100 Days to Heaven yesternight and I'd like to reinforce your observation with what Ana said about power. The best way to spread an advocacy is by having power. While we are in a position higher than anyone, we can use this to make changes: the main reason why power is much fought for.

    With that thinking, you deserve to have authority for you know exactly how to handle it.

  4. Talaga lang ha? Haha. That makes me want to run for the Presidential office come 2013. But thanks anyway :) It's not everyday that someone compliments me like that. And asahan ko'ng boto mo. Hahaha :P