Saturday, September 10, 2011

Questions to God

Dear LORD by ~asiasart

I hate to bring up the topic of religion because I know that  we all have diversified views on how God or the parallel universe works. And so, to avoid misunderstandings and lengthy arguments, I am humbly asking you to read this, if you will continue, without the prejudice of your faith. These are merely blabberings of a questioning Christian, and yes, this is not a world-changing essay or a religious propaganda and so, if you think that these thoughts are not worth your time or may be offensive on your part, kindly refrain from continuing.

I cannot understand why God hasn't petrified Satan yet. I mean, if he really is that evil, which I'm sure he is, why hasn't God obliterated him to oblivion yet and save those millions of lives from the tentacles of temptation? I mean, in the first place, why did God gave us the freedom to choose which way of life we are to lead? Why not directly tell people that He is God and that He will curse all those who do not follow His commands? 

I cannot understand God and I know I never will and I am terribly guilty of doubting His decisions. But a question is a question and a question needs an answer and I know that God will unfold His reasons in His time. After all, He is God. A creation can never dictate his Creator. 


  1. The existence of Satan is His permissive will, a will that he never planned in the first place. There will be no redemption (rapture) if people don't get to choose who they really want to let live in their lives, be it the devil or God.

  2. thank you :) that cleared a few things off.

  3. Without black, there can be no white. That's just me.

  4. I guess He designed the universe to be equal.

  5. When I was younger, I studied the philosophy of religion and the question we were trying to answer is how can a God full of love, whose only desire is the good of humanity exist in a world filled with suffering and evil?

    I think somewhere when I was growing up, I began to see glimpses of the answer. I hope you find yours as well.


  6. I hope so too. I joined a bible study this morning and I learned that God gives us answers at the right time and at the right moment. Maybe I'm not prepared to hear what He has to say yet. But I'm looking forward to hearing the truth.

    Thanks for the comment Kane. :)