Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Boy

It's me and my brown leather bag commuting home this morning. I wasn't really in the mood for school and since I only have one subject today, I took the opportunity of going home early and and psyched myself to not worry about school stuff.

Of course I lied to my friends and told them that I'll be doing my Cost Accounting project. See, I've become more of a hermit these past few days and the only release that I have are my two most favorite activities when I'm at home. One, is dressing up my dolls. Yes, just like any other gay guy, I do love dolls and I enjoy dressing them up and sewing clothes for them and doing their hair and pretend they're going to a club somewhere in downtown Manhattan or about to hit the red carpet at the Oscars or pretend that they're in a music video but honey I do not initiate conversations with the dolls and among the dolls. Trust me. It's creepy.

Back then my mother would scold me when she sees me playing with these things but now, I guess she got used to the idea that her son is gay and sometimes she'd even compliment the dresses that I've made for Rhea and Jane. 

Second best home activity for me would have to be blogging. I think its therapeutic and you get the chance to sharpen your writing skills while doing it. Also, you get to read other bloggers word weaves, so what's more relaxing than that? It's luxurious and brain fattening at the same time.

But there are times when I just sip that perfect cup of coffee and just be grateful that I am home, that I have a home, and that I'll be doing my best to keep this home.

Oh yeah, that's my crush. Got the photo from my tumblr. :)


  1. Same here, blogging and reading blogs is becoming therapeutic to me. Sometimes, too, reading other people's work widens my perspectives (and vocabulary).

  2. BTW, thanks for following back, some of the few people I went to have been snobs (or so I think). I appreciate the gesture, even if there is nothing cool in my space.

  3. @Josh: As I said, its brain fattening. Hehe.

    You're welcome. :) I appreciate followers kasi because I have a small number of them pa. And I'm sure you'll be able to write something great. Ikaw pa :D Just don't worry about it.