Friday, September 30, 2011

The Forgiveness Formula

Back then, I used to think that:

Confession = Forgiveness

Well it is true that one way of forgiving is through confessing but I think that stating your sins is never enough. The problem with us people is that we think that after feeling purified for unloading that giant load off our chests, we already think that we are forgiven. But no, I think that the formula should be:

Confession + Repentance = Forgiveness

Remember that feeling sorry for our sins is not enough. We must also promise and try hard to never commit the same mistakes again. With that in mind, God forgives. God forgives because He loves us.

To God be thy glory.



  1. This is so true. I have forgiven my ex not because I sensed repent, but rather because of my love kay God. :D Once na Siya ang paghugutan mo ng lakas, walang taong di mo mapapatawad. :D

  2. God is good. God is love. With Him around, all the other good things follow. :)

  3. All we need to do is to put truth as a priority. And everything will follow: repentance and forgiveness.

  4. Nice. A great read to start my Sunday morning. ^__^

  5. @Josh: Amen brother. :)

    @pointlessparanoia: I believe you. If we live a truthful life, then the truth will be our priority and then we do things to satisfy this priority.

    @cosmicglitch: thanks :) glad you liked it.