Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night, the remaining two kittens died. It left me devastated and if guilt had a mouth, I would've been swallowed whole. I'll never touch a newborn kitten or any other kind of living creature again. Including plants. I don't have a green thumb and I guess that applies to animals as well.

. . . . .

Our Financial Accounting Volume 3 Midterms this morning was death defying, Trust me. It's that difficult. I can only hope that I've packed enough knowledge come Auditing Problems next next semester. 

Speaking of, I have to memorize pa pala. Effifn' Auditing Theory. Ang taas kaya nung engagement letter. magfill in the blanks ba naman. Tsk.

. . . . . 

I guess I'm gonna have to take a break from blogging for the next two days. I have to gear up for our Midterm exams. Pray that I won't be led astray. Haha.

Yeah, and also. Our Internet connection needs a face lift. It is so slow. Tsk. 

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