Wednesday, August 10, 2011


At this point, I need to reshuffle and rethink a few items in my life. It has been quite a mess these past few days and I, being a character who hates clutter, has no alternative but to clean up.

Trust, I learned is very difficult to earn. I realized that when my mom explicitly and unreservedly told me that she didn't trust me. I never understood why she thought I was a member of a fraternity just because I went to school on two consecutive Saturdays (JPIA Days on the first one and role play practice for the second). My friend Jase retorted that I should have told her that it wasn't a fraternity but a 'federasyon'. I agreed. My nails would never fit on brotherhood wars. But even if it hurts to be untrusted by my own mother, I wouldn't hate her. She is after all my mother and forgiveness is key to happiness.

Secondly, I need to learn self-control. I am impulsive and after a series of debts and stomach (and groin) pains, I knew that this has to stop. It is never good to act without thought.

I also need to abstain from laziness. My grades have been running downhill lately and a major boost is the only way to keep my pride and scholarship alive.

I'm thankful to God for these realizations These may be petty compared to the world's problems but I know that the a better person can contribute to a better world.

And so, for this planet and for myself, I thereby click, refresh.

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