Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Lone Feather

Disclaimer: It is a mere natural occurrence for writers to be inspired by other people's works. This is not to say that the following paragraphs are unoriginal, but to simply state that this is an evolution, if not an alteration of someone's ideas.

Time is an Aves that flutters endlessly towards eternity. That bird of majesty congests the air with pastel nostalgia and reminiscing. Its haunting flight, a continuous motion of forwards, is a force man nor machine can repel. It therefore encompasses every being.

You, but a feather on its wings, plunges towards the abyss below. Understanding was never your virtue, so you decided without thought . You should have seen how much of a mirage of poise and confidence you are compared to the infinite wisdom of Time.

Tell me little feather, what lies ahead? Will the gentle blows of the zephyr reattach you to Time's limbs? or will it push you down, further into endless oblivion? Why did you fall little feather?

You continue to flutter without breaking a wind, swaying back and forth. And with one last blow, you fall, trampled, dusty and tattered at the bottom of a bird cage where the feces of Time drop.

Of course, your expression was placid. Nobody expects a feather to converse.


  1. This is beautiful! Just a little inflated but I love the flow.

    What was the original post? I'd love to see what you've done to it. haha I used to reprise blog posts that I enjoyed. It could be something you want to explore too.

  2. haha. yeah. i realized that after reading it again. still needs editing.

    "we are but feathers on the wings of time.", that's from a certain Ate Maan. I added the other blahs after revising the quote. hahah.