Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I need to go ogle

I watched the pale sky took over that once upon a time sunny day. The purple clouds were like mushy marshmallows, good enough to eat, but too far to reach. I binged over a cup of coffee and a packet of 'patatas' -no, not potatoes, but the commercial types they sold in canteens that lie about having high nutritional content.

But I wan't babble about nutrition. I for one know that it won't kill me right now. Instead, I'll whine about chemistry and matter and its different properties and the fact that I will report in less than fifteen minutes without even knowing what those things are. Yes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

And i know I will fail.

. . . . .

I'd like to believe that Chemistry is science fiction.

. . . . .

The gush of wind blew the paper cup.


  1. Your poetic tongue and good nature make me have more interest.

  2. best comment so far. thank you so much :)