Thursday, July 7, 2011

Epic Fails

A collection of unpoetic poetry that I've scribbled these last few months. Forgive the horrid writing. It's a little different when you're uninspired.

Senseless phrases black and blue,
why are they all about you?
Crumpled pieces on the floor
watch me burn them at your door.

. . . . .

Faint moon, like a
hazy balloon
Blue night, I'm
afraid of flight.

. . . . .

I walk through life
like the air that moves around.
Invisible. Colorless.
A substance unknown.

. . . . .

I need an apple
for which my eye will bore through
My heart is full of love
without an object to give it to.

. . . . .

We're two loaves of bread
toasted together
smothered with butter
sprinkled with sugar
garnished with pickles
hugging sardines
or bacon, lettuce
and tomato,
eggs and bacon
or simply cheese.
whatever's in between
we're culinary heaven.

The last one would have to be the most extreme among badly written poetry. It's cheesy and disturbing at the same time. I mean, hello? Who would want to hug sardines?

Tsk. I'm not a poet, nor am I a great writer but I do hope that I channel my inner scribe better next time.


  1. It's not terrible. lol I think it's just a good picture of what your life's like right now.

    One of the first lessons I learned is to stop rhyming. It's like women who hide behind a lot of makeup. ;p

  2. hahaha. and what kind of life would that be? slightly deranged? hahah. thanks for the advice anyway :)