Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When Words Fail to Express

Filipinos are known to be music lovers. Sabi nga ng iba na ang Pinoy, sa bawat event ng buhay ay may corresponding theme song. We love to burst into song and finish it off with with a breathtaking note at the end (thank you for setting an example Charice). And just like any other Pinoy, I too am a fan of music. However, music does not love me.

Yeah, I do memorize a lot of the Beyonce's and Gaga's, not to mention the Regine's and many other black belters in the music industry but it seems like i cannot really do a song. It is often a dilemma when the school requirement is to sing (good luck sa Humanities1 ko next semester).

It's not about being sintunado because I know that sometimes I am not (I know because I once recorded myself singing). It's about the voice quality. Imagine a pig being slaughtered and a cow moo-ing at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if my voice could start a 10.0 megaquake or at the very least, be the very reason of a city-wide black out. Yeah, that's be cool. Choz.

But then again, I'm not a superhero. I'm just an ordinary dude with a cow's vocal chords. I guess I'm stuck with writing lyrics or better yet, styling the singer. And to my fans, sorry, there'd be no singing for a while. I just learned that it terrifies the neighbors.

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