Friday, April 8, 2011


So i took a long and well-deserved rest form blogging and networking which lasted for about two weeks. It was a bit boring, you know, watching TV all day and sitting all day and eating and drinking-water, :P and listening to music I don't understand-KPop and Nusantara hits to be exact (thank you MTV) and of course, sewing clothes for my cousin's almost dead doll.

Honestly, I did missed my blog a lot and I've thought about taking even just a peek however my laziness has gotten over me. Whew. I promise to blog often from now on. I did miss writing.

Anyway, enjoy Sara Bareilles hit, in this link. Please click.


  1. This blog is so cute. And Sara Bareilles is a genius when it comes to music and lyrics. Have you heard of Gravity? Have you watched its music video? Truly a powerful song.

  2. boredom is a state of mind and I suspect, if you look closely, it follows you as you blog, stalking you.

  3. @midnightforgasm: nope, but thanks for letting me know and for the compliment. i feel all blushy. >.<

    @light: is that enil? LOL. i'm sorry. I can't really read it-heheh. yeah, i hope i do get over "boredom". I guess it was because i was doing the same thing over and over for the past few days. I needed a change of scenery or something.