Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Me: Secretly, I'm a bitch
Ashboy: I know, since then

. . . . .

Ashboy: Malandi!
me: Hindi ako malandi, lapitin lang talaga ako ng mga boys. Hahaha.
Ashboy: Hahaha. Ew.
-Oh Ashboy, you are so straight
. . . . .

Me: Patience is a virtue.
Maria: But time is gold, so why patient?

. . . . .

(Sir comes in class carrying a Tropicana can and a sandwich)
Me: Sir, makaya jud nimo sir nga nagkaon ka dira daun kami wala? (Sir, aren't you guilty that you're eating there and we're not?)
Sir: Eh di mugawas. (Fine, I'll go out then.)

. . . . .

Reporter: ...Raymund B. Cattell
Maria: Di ba cattle kay sheep? (Cattle is sheep, right?)

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