Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time Check / Bucketlist

Time check: 12:00:30am, January 1, 2011

I know it's rather weird but I celebrated the new year with a blog entry. Perhaps to make it a habit. Perhaps to be a better wordsmith. But nonetheless, I wanted to begin the year doing what i want to do most-writing.

Of course I'll do the traditional jump-12-times-to-be-taller and pull-your-nose-12-times-to-make-it-higher routines. I'll even crack a firework or two (haha. as if!).

Anyways, happy new year guys! Have a fruitful twelve months. ^^,

. . . . .

A bucketlist is a list of things you'd want to do, in my case, random things I'd like to do before 2011 ends. The purpose actually is to add color and spice to an utterly monotonous existence.
  1. Kiss a stranger.
  2. Travel somewhere alone.
  3. Watch a movie you don't like and never complain a bit.
  4. sleep in a house you've never been before.
  5. Sing karaoke.
  6. Get laid. :P
  7. Write a play/book/song/short story.
  8. Fall in love. :)
  9. Memorize a poem in a different language.
  10. Do a dare.
  11. Go on a date. [ahemm]
  12. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  13. Own a dog.
  14. Plant a tree.
  15. Win an award.
  16. Learn and play a sport.
  17. Eat somewhere expensive.
  18. Get the number of a really cute guy.


  1. whoa! Kiss a Stranger, e. haha. think i like the idea of it.

  2. @BOK: Yeah,about that, I've been playing on the safe side for the past few years and i wanted to dirty up a bit. heheh.

    it would be a challenge actually and i can't wait to find out who the unlucky stranger will be. hahah. i encourage you to do it! :']

  3. ahaha. i'ma fraid i can do it. umpisahan mo.

  4. @abuo: LOL naghahanap pa ng tamang tyempo. and i am still looking for a cherry-popper. hahahah.