Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Untold Story of Someone Unknown

The need to create another logical blog entry is tingling my intuition. And after a million pages of wasted editing, I decided to post a re-blog. I actually wrote this piece originally as an article for our school organ, however, I decided to not pass this one. I guess my sentimental side once again went way overboard since this was the first of the "narratives" that i did.

She was the reason I look forward to go to school everyday. I couldn’t really say that I like or adore her or something, but there’s this ‘thing’ in her that I couldn’t help but admire each time I see her. Infatuation, admiration or whatever it was, all I knew was that I’m happy seeing her.

I don’t know her that well (except for her name), although we’re studying under the same roof, we’re sitting beside each other, and we usually talk,-you know, school stuff. There was this sort of barrier between us. I don’t dislike her and she doesn’t dislike me. I guess that is what’s keeping us apart but we do talk-sometimes.

Yes we talked.

It was a normal Monday morning when our teacher instructed us to group ourselves into three for a miniature boat-building activity. The room shook as my classmates rushed and hold on to each other. Unfortunately and coincidentally, she and I were the last two left (we’re 35 in our class). Because there are only eleven sets of materials-another coincidence- our teacher decided to give us a special job, to monitor our classmates while they construct their boats. Our teacher found it justifiable because she said it would be unfair for both of us-another excuse for miscalculating the number of students she has.

“Make sure they don’t copy each other’s boat designs,” our teacher firmly said. “I’m warning you, if there are duplicates-..” then gave us a devilish glare. Our teacher can be peculiar sometimes but the statement did make me quiver.

I glimpsed at her at that moment and I felt happy. Well, I shouldn’t be, right? Teachers stressing students was never a happy moment in my book. Could it be that I’m with her?

Of course not! I told myself that I was happy because I’m exempted form doing the activity. You see, “Why are you smiling?” she asked me.

“Nothing,” I answered abruptly. I was taken aback.

“I’m just happy because I’m exempted from doing the activity,” I told her a few moments later.

“Though-” she couldn’t finish. She was obviously afraid of our teacher. Most of my classmates think our teacher is a tyrant. I do too-sometimes. But I’m usually not afraid of her.

Then there was silence.-the oh-so familiar silence.

I held her hand. She’s so fragile.

‘It’s going to be okay,” I assured her. For the first time in my life I felt an invisible connection towards someone. Her simple gestures: the way she brushes her bangs away from her face; the way her mouth moves when she talk; the way her eyes seem to beckon you every time you look at her. It feels like, everything she does is ethereal.

I stared at her for so long that I didn’t even realize that we weren’t paying attention to what our classmates were doing. It’s a good thing they were still halfway.

I looked at her again. Our eyes locked. She smiled.

From that moment, I realized that she’s someone special. She’s not the ordinary girl anymore. It’s like, she’s someone new.

She looks different.
It feels different. It feels even better. ♥


  1. how cute! makes me want to go back to school.

  2. wehehe. thanks NyL. that's very kind of you. ^^

  3. that was sweet.

    nakakatawa lang kasi it was like a fairy tale and your teacher was the monster. and you even had to hold your princess's hand.

  4. @nishiboy: inimagine ko yung Stepmother ni Cinderella dito. heheh. salamat po sa compliment. ^^