Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas Wishes

Naughty or nice, everyone deserves to make Christmas wishes. And even though Santa has already left town, I'm pretty sure he'll find time to fill my empty stockings-I've been EXTREMELY nice this year.

Anyway, here are my heart yearnings:
I wish for a bucketful of happiness. I wish for world peace and world domination. I wish for a cornucopia of good health and good luck. I wish for faces filled with smiles and laughter. I wish for springs and summers. I wish for a carpet full of butterflies. I wish for flowered bicycles-in blue roses and purple sunflowers. I wish for pumpkin carriages and glass slippers. I wish for a magic lamp. I wish for magenta seas and pink oceans. And finally I wish for Cupid to finally slap me.
I hope Santa grants these just before the year ends, but I have no complains if I receive them next year. There's just one problem though, we don't have a chimney.


  1. Sometimes, there is something great seeing these things unfold slowly before your eyes.

    I hope it's not yet late to greet you...

    a Happy Holidays!

  2. :D santa can come through the front door.

    it's good that you have a nice imagination. but then you should distinguish fact from fiction. too harsh? just being realistic. XD

    happy holidays!

  3. @louie: thank you for the greeting. happy holidays too.

    @key: haha i know that. i posted that to tickle my fancy. anyway. happy holidays.