Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Pink Skeleton

Once upon a time I found a pink skeleton in my closet. It was blue and dusty and dirty so I kept it there, locked the closet and swallowed the key.

Time passed and although I try to forget it, I couldn't. It often makes loud noises whenever I think about it. It’s like it could read my mind. Sometimes I see the dark hollow eyes peeping through the closet door. Sometimes it would escape and sleep in my bed and I would once again drag it back into the closet and swallow another key.

Although it’s been annoying me for quite some time and I have grown accustomed to its company. One time it climbed on my back, and because I didn't want to swallow another key, I let it dangle there.

One day, it approached me. It was previously hanging out with its skeleton friends from other closets. "What do you want?” I asked. It looked at me. I realized that it had no thyroid glands so I took a pen and paper and lent these to it.

"Release me", he wrote. I could hear the carpals and metacarpals clicking. I asked why. I didn't ask it to hang out with me. And besides, can't it go on its own?

And with great effort, it wrote, "Butterflies never fly unless they let go if their cocoons."
I smiled-my nonchalant smile. "I guess I’ll never learn how to fly". And it, for once, walked back into the closet.

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