Friday, December 17, 2010

Going Positive/ Laziness

So after our RS exams, Sagittarius, Cheese and I had this talk about life and lessons learned along the way. The mushroom felt like the most unfitting place for such a conversation but we had the talk of the century there and it was worth it.

Cheese and I were somewhat similar since we both struggled with insecurities whilst growing up. Sagittarius on the other hand talked about divine interventions and how prayer has made her optimistic.

I feel sooo enlightened that I decided that I should go for positivity. Life is too short for pessimistic thoughts and I'd rather worry about my weight than my wrinkles.

. . . . .

All of us have lazy days and today is one of mine. I wanted to write about GKaR, and Iceberg and Kev and Earl and C but I feel like a sloth so I'll leave this as is at the moment. Someday when I feel less Juan-Tamad-ish, I'll definitely grab a pen. Oh well, XOXO.


  1. reim, you've got 5 followes na! congrats! :)

  2. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Sana naging meaningful and very happy yung Pasko mo. :D

    Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok, baka maputulan. lol. :P

    Keep on writing, eventually you'll have followers and who knows? - fans. lol. hehe.. until my next dalaw. :D

  3. @nielz: whew. thank you so much sa comment^^ happy christmas too.